T-0000320 Accessories for 4818, alu

Colour: Alu.


1 x internal corner
1 x external corner
1 x right end cap
1 x left end cap



31 x 37 mm
Kitchen mouldings

Kitchen moulding

Available in lengths of 2600 mm.


PRIMO kitchen mouldings with concealed mountings are available in 3 different sizes and designs. Profile type 4818 is the largest one with an elegant classic shape.

The soft rubber gasket prevents dirt or moisture from sliding underneath the moulding.

PRIMO kitchen mouldings are not affected by moisture and will therefore not discolour or rot. All you need to do is clean it with a damp cloth, and it will remain beautiful for years to come.


The kitchen moulding is clicked onto the included mounting profile, which can be attached with screws or nails. It is secured at points 30-50 cm apart depending on the attachment surface and it won’t split or crack.

The kitchen mouldings are clicked onto the accompanying mounting profile, which has been screwed to the wall.
Please see below assembly instruction.

Remember to buy accessories such as end caps and corners for your kitchen mouldings. See below.

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